Kubernetes kubectl rolling-update 命令详解

kubectl rolling-update


该命令创建了一个新的RC, 然后一次更新一个pod方式逐步使用新的PodTemplate,最终实现Pod滚动更新,new-controller.json需要与之前RC在相同的namespace下。






kubectl rolling-update frontend-v1 -f frontend-v2.json


cat frontend-v2.json | kubectl rolling-update frontend-v1 -f -


kubectl rolling-update frontend-v1 frontend-v2 --image=image:v2

kubectl rolling-update frontend --image=image:v2

kubectl rolling-update frontend-v1 frontend-v2 --rollback


Name Shorthand Default Usage
allow-missing-template-keys true If true, ignore any errors in templates when a field or map key is missing in the template. Only applies to golang and jsonpath output formats.
container Container name which will have its image upgraded. Only relevant when --image is specified, ignored otherwise. Required when using --image on a multi-container pod
deployment-label-key deployment The key to use to differentiate between two different controllers, default 'deployment'. Only relevant when --image is specified, ignored otherwise
dry-run false If true, only print the object that would be sent, without sending it.
filename f [] Filename or URL to file to use to create the new replication controller.
image Image to use for upgrading the replication controller. Must be distinct from the existing image (either new image or new image tag). Can not be used with --filename/-f
image-pull-policy Explicit policy for when to pull container images. Required when --image is same as existing image, ignored otherwise.
include-extended-apis true If true, include definitions of new APIs via calls to the API server. [default true]
no-headers false When using the default or custom-column output format, don't print headers (default print headers).
output o Output format. One of: json|yaml|wide|name|custom-columns=...|custom-columns-file=...|go-template=...|go-template-file=...|jsonpath=...|jsonpath-file=... See custom columns [http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/kubectl-overview/#custom-columns], golang template [http://golang.org/pkg/text/template/#pkg-overview] and jsonpath template [http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/jsonpath].
output-version DEPRECATED: To use a specific API version, fully-qualify the resource, version, and group (for example: 'jobs.v1.batch/myjob').
poll-interval 3s Time delay between polling for replication controller status after the update. Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "µs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h".
rollback false If true, this is a request to abort an existing rollout that is partially rolled out. It effectively reverses current and next and runs a rollout
schema-cache-dir ~/.kube/schema If non-empty, load/store cached API schemas in this directory, default is '$HOME/.kube/schema'
show-all a false When printing, show all resources (default hide terminated pods.)
show-labels false When printing, show all labels as the last column (default hide labels column)
sort-by If non-empty, sort list types using this field specification. The field specification is expressed as a JSONPath expression (e.g. '{.metadata.name}'). The field in the API resource specified by this JSONPath expression must be an integer or a string.
template Template string or path to template file to use when -o=go-template, -o=go-template-file. The template format is golang templates [http://golang.org/pkg/text/template/#pkg-overview].
timeout 5m0s Max time to wait for a replication controller to update before giving up. Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "µs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h".
update-period 1m0s Time to wait between updating pods. Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "µs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h".
validate true If true, use a schema to validate the input before sending it





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